Tiroler Heu, Heupolster und Bergwiesenheu fuer ihre Gesundheit Tiroler Speis aus Bauernhand, Bergwiesenheudt

Mittelberg 90 A-6425 Haiming

Tel.: +43 (0)699 12 79 22 68 Email: office(at)

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Tiroler Heu Anwendungen Bergwiesenheu FDWY-X



About us...


The Tirolean mountain farmers work hard, generate excellent products and generally do not receive the wage they genuinely deserve...


Through our homepage, we provide you with insight to a number of our products.


A quality product is our highest priority...


You will receive a first class natural product which guarantees the well-being of mind and body.


So to speak, FROM nature for YOUR nature, because we believe that it is a basic right of every person to have access to natural health and of course maintain a good sense of well-being.


If we all lived our lives the way we should then this sense of well-being would be a matter of course. Until that time our products can make a valuable contribution to YOUR mental and physical well-being.


Kind Regards,


Peter Prantl Haimingerberg