Tiroler Heu, Heupolster und Bergwiesenheu fuer ihre Gesundheit Tiroler Speis aus Bauernhand, Bergwiesenheudt

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Tiroler Heu Anwendungen Bergwiesenheu FDWY-X



Products ...


... The hay pillow...


Heupolster Tiroler Heu


The hay pillow is our most popular product containing approximately 350 grams natural hay.

We use the highest quality hay for this cushion.


We use a special material to encourage the therapeutic effects of the hay while maximizing the protection for allergy sufferers.



... The hay cushion...


Heukissen Tiroler Heu


A personalized print is available for larger orders.


... The hay sack...


Heusack Tiroler Heu


As per the above description, creates the possibility to deliver this wonderful aroma as a gift.


... Feed...



Beside its special role, as a unique ingredient for hay baths, our Tirolean mountain hay continues its NATURAL role as a feed for animals.


Our hay is ideally suited for small animals such as for hamsters and rabbits.