Tiroler Heu, Heupolster und Bergwiesenheu fuer ihre Gesundheit Tiroler Speis aus Bauernhand, Bergwiesenheudt

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Tiroler Heu Anwendungen Bergwiesenheu Y-X



The applications...


... are simple and versatile. Some examples of how our products can be applied, are listed below;


Warm and Dry:


Heat for 15 minutes in the oven at 90 C. Apply to aches and pains for 15 20 minutes.


Warm and Moist:


Heat in a tub of warm water and apply to the required areas of the body for 15 20 minutes.


As a bath product:


Immerse in a warm bath for a maximum of 20 minutes.

This application will enable the hays therapeutic effects to fully develop.


Further products from Tiroler Heu:


Small aromatic hay and lavender bags - for your linen cupboard

Aromatic hay pillows - for a wonderful aroma of natural hay in your home