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Tiroler Heu Anwendungen Bergwiesenheu FDWY-X



Tirolean hay is an all natural product...


Our hay originates from the mountain pastures of Tirol. The careful cutting and drying process takes place at more than 1000 metres above sea level.

Tirol is a region in Central Europe which stretches from the west of Austria and across the border into northern Italy. The Tirolean Alps are a world renowned landscape.

Hay has always been used by people as a natural remedy. It is an important ingredient for baths and compresses and as a therapeutic treatment without harmful side effects.

Our mountain hay is carefully and naturally harvested, thus ensuring a minimized impact on the immediate environment and that of the villages and their peripheral zones.

Our hay is a treasured, natural product. We consciously refrain from any further artificial processing. It is therefore, not comparable with the products of major agricultural and industrial companies.

Alongside the leaf, seed and pollen, our hay pillows include anti-inflammatory herbs such as yarrow, ribwort, thyme and clover.(Research by Institute of Pharmakognosie, The University of Innsbruck)

The curative materials to be found in our products include ethereal oils, bitter substances, tannic acids, plant acid, mucus materials, Flavonoide and Coumarin, a material similar to camphor which aids circulation.

We are glad that you have found the time to take interest in our products...